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Oktavijus Alonso | Bring Together Lithuania stories

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

My name is Oktavijus Alonso, I was born and raised in Chicago and am currently studying computer engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology. During summer 2021, I was working with Impact Brands. Impact Brands gave me the opportunity to witness the realities of website hosting, development, and programming by generously allowing me to work with their impressive IT team. I was exposed to the challenges that both front-end and back-end developers face and can say that I'll feel more acquainted with the complexities and responsibilities future workplaces may hold.

To spend roughly six weeks abroad in Lithuania is a privilege I appreciated wholeheartedly. Vilnius is a center full of vibrance and youth, brimming with start-ups and opportunity, that works its gears during the day and plays hard at night. The several locations that the Bring Together Lithuania program visits throughout the trip all have their own merits and interesting landmarks which the students will have plenty of time to explore and enjoy as a team. Besides the great number of activities and events that can be enjoyed within the city, Lithuania offers beautiful forests and rivers galore, which students can find a number of ways to travel to and experience.

For anybody searching for an opportunity that offers a chance to gain more insight and workplace experience while enjoying Lithuania's beautiful culture, I couldn't recommend Bring Together Lithuania more. The program is jam-packed with events of all varieties, some days you get to meet and network with interesting Government branch administrators and Ministers or prominent industry leaders, others you may spend traversing the historical streets of Vilnius, or even better, flying up above them in the basket of a hot air balloon.

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