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Monika Ringyte | Bring Together Lithuania stories

Hi, I'm Monika Ringytė, a Cybersecurity student from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. This year I joined the “Bring Together Lithuania” programme and did my internship together with an Associate Professor Dr. Linas Bukauskas at the Cybersecurity Lab, Vilnius University. During the six weeks in Lithuania, I tried to learn as much as possible, even though it is impossible to learn everything in such a short time, especially in my field. I am very grateful that Linas took me in and helped me to learn new skills. I really appreciate this academic internship and I think it will help me achieve my career goals.

I decided to spend this summer in Lithuania because Lithuania is very important to me. A big part of my family lives in Lithuania: my godparents, my grandmother, and others. I visit them whenever I can. Living near Chicago, I belong to a Lithuanian community. I always try to participate in any activity or event, especially with the Lithuanian scouts. Lithuania means a lot to me. I want to preserve, strengthen and develop my language, culture, and traditions. I am very proud to be Lithuanian. Through the programme I have seen how Lithuania has changed, how it is growing, and that there are great opportunities to work in my field.

I think it is worth participating in “Bring Together Lithuania” because you can see the growth of the programme, it has a lot of leaders, and it is connected to big companies, ministries, the presidency, investors, and the Kazickas Family Foundation. This programme helps young students to get to know the present-day Lithuania, their professionals and to visit places where it would be impossible to go on your own without acquaintances or help. The programme allowed me to see that Lithuania is going in a good direction, in an innovative direction, which allows to expand the economy, to create new technologies, to set up new companies, to invest, and to develop international business. There are plenty of opportunities to help Lithuania, both from afar and from within the country. We just need to find an area that would benefit Lithuania.

This summer has been amazing! We had lots of activities, made new friends, gained new knowledge, and had more time to get to know ourselves and consider our careers and future. I can definitely say that our programme was successful, fun and very useful.

The hot air balloon flight was my favourite. After many activities, I felt very relaxed, calm, and very happy on the flight. It was really impressive and the feeling was unique and very good. During the flight, you could see how beautiful and changed the city of Vilnius is. I was very surprised when we landed close to Belarus and we were all greeted with champagne and given diplomas. I really did not expect that. I recommend to everyone to have such a fun trip over Vilnius.

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