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Martyna Petrulyte | Bring Together Lithuania stories

Hi, I'm Martyna Petrulytė. I graduated from the University of Scotland with a BSc in Biomedical and Anatomical Sciences. I have carried out several research fellowships in England, Switzerland, and Israel. Then I went to China to learn the local language and after a while, I moved to South Korea, where I spent my last years. This year, I joined the “Bring Together Lithuania” programme to get to know Lithuania anew after six years away.

The decision to join the “Bring Together Lithuania” programme was a bit spontaneous. Because of the pandemic, many countries closed their borders and canceled tourist visas. So the only option was to return home. Since I had been abroad for more than six years, taking part in a programme like this helped me to integrate back into Lithuanian life.

For anyone who has lived abroad for a long time, “Bring Together Lithuania” will give them the opportunity to integrate into professional life in Lithuania and to make new acquaintances with professionals from different fields. As soon as you arrive in Lithuania, you may feel unnecessary and out of place. However, the programme is designed in such a way that from the very first day you feel part of Lithuania, which is waiting for you to come back. Thanks to this programme, I have made a lot of new friends from different countries around the world.

The most memorable moment of the programme was our visit to the innovative company Elinta in Kaunas, which impressed us with its state-of-the-art technology and work. The products they have developed are produced by the most known companies of the world, and the dedication and innovation of every Elinta employee were simply impressive.

This was a professional holiday full of new acquaintances and new discoveries in a growing and changing Lithuania.

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