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Kotryna Poliskyte | Bring Together Lithuania stories

Hello, I am Kotryna Poliškytė - a Masters's degree student of Sports and Olympic activities in “Russian University of physical activities, sports, youth and tourism”, from Moscow, Russia. This year I joined the Bring Together Lithuania / Jungtis Lietuvai program and I am doing an internship in the sports center “Eik” with the tricycle sports team. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do my internship here because tricycle sports is a new, but very quickly developing area of sports in Lithuania. 2024 will be the first year when in paralympic games tricycle sports will be included, therefore I am excited and hoping, that Lithuania and its whole tricycle team of coaches will be able to prepare the strongest athletes, who will show great results in the upcoming games.

I decided to spend this summer in Lithuania because I wanted to explore my home country from a closer perspective, and also to meet other Lithuania diaspora who care about the future of Lithuania. In this Bring Together Lithuania / Jungtis Lietuvai program I had an unforgettable experience from both the professional, as well as spiritual sides, therefore I think that it is worth participating in this program for each Lithuanian diaspora student.

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