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Eva Rapkauskaitė | Bring Together Lithuania stories

Hello. I am Eva Rapkauskaitė - a student of Business and Russian language from Trinity University, Ireland. This year I joined Bring Together Lithuania program and I am doing an internship at Luminor Bank! Luminor is a quite new, but very rapidly expanding bank, which offers many opportunities, so I am very happy to be part of the Luminor communications department team.

I decided to spend this summer in Lithuania because Bring Together Lithuania/ Jungtis Lietuvai offered a great opportunity to visit Lithuania, see and experience the ways that companies in Lithuania operate!

The internship in Luminor bank was especially interesting. I had an opportunity to learn professional skills, and receive new work experience from the best professionals of my field, who were very encouraging and constantly motivated me to do more and better!

I encourage all Lithuanian youth, who is currently abroad, to participate in Bring Together Lithuania program. The weeks that I spent in this program were wonderful and very memorable, I learned a lot about Lithuania, as well as about other Lithuanians, who are living abroad. The adventures, meetings, and conversations will be stuck in my memory for a very long time!

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