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Bring Together Lithuania 2023 - officially launched

Bring Together Lithuania 2023 - summer internship and modern Lithuania program for youth of Lithuanian heritage - were officially launched at the Kazickas Family Residence, in Vilnius. Inspiring welcome words were given by the director of the Kazickas Family Foundation in New York Neila Baumiliene, the director in Vilnius Agne Vertelkaite, and the program director Kamilė Peminė.

The event marked the beginning of the 6th generation of this program! The ceremony served as a starting point for a 6-week summer immersion experience for the Lithuanian diaspora youth to explore the modern country, local and global companies residing in Lithuania, governmental organizations, and the cultural dimension of the country. Welcome to Lithuania!

World Lithuanian youth internship program
Bring Together Lithuania 2023

This program could not be possible without the support of:

The Kazickas Family Foundation, Lithuanian Foundation, Inc., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Innovations

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