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The 6th generation of Bring Together Lithuania

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This summer Lithuanian diaspora youth had a chance to rediscover modern Lithuania, learn more about its history and culture, and get to know the Lithuanian business world and career opportunities. Most importantly, the unique experience with the "Bring Together Lithuania" program encouraged youth to become young Ambassadors of Lithuania.

For the sixth time in a row „Bring Together Lithuania“, together with the Kazickas Family Foundation, invited Lithuanian diaspora youth to Lithuania for summer internships, so they could gain professional experience, discover modern Lithuania and become young Ambassadors of Lithuania.

“We believe that if we want to raise young Lithuanian Ambassadors, active global Lithuanians, we must offer them an opportunity to experience modern, innovative Lithuania. The goal of the leadership program “Bring Together Lithuania” is to provide the youth of Lithuanian descent professional experience and to show them modern Lithuania. They are offered opportunities to do internships with leading Lithuanian businesses, the government sector, non-government organizations, and innovative startups. Additionally, there is an active schedule planned for the students – unique opportunities to discover today’s Lithuania, travel to the most beautiful sights, meet business and public sector leaders, explore Lithuanian identity, and encourage them to contribute to Lithuania’s future with their own ideas,” program’s founder and director Kamile Permine shared its vision. The 17 participants from the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands and New Zealand interned at leading Lithuanian and global companies for at least 6 weeks and traveled the country to familiarize themselves with modern Lithuania, its business scene, and its cultural landscape. “Bring Together Lithuania“ participants got opportunities to do their internships related to their studies with various organizations and businesses, such as: Baltic Environmental Forum, Bored Panda, Caritas „Vilties angelas“, DIO startup, Kongsberg Nano Avionics, Nord Security, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Skyllence, Avia Solutions Group, Staticus, Transparency International Lithuania, Perlukas, Unnecessary films, Vilnius University Life Sciences Center. Created as a program to draw Lithuanian youth diaspora to visit their ancestors' country, "Bring Together Lithuania" aims to provide Lithuanian diaspora youth with opportunities to acquire professional skills, meet global Lithuanians and explore the countryside. Since its establishment, the initiative has grown its' partners immensely and expanded its outreach to a broader network of the Lithuanian diaspora.

“The Kazickas Family Foundation is a proud supporter of Bring Together Lithuania, a summer internship program for youth of Lithuanian heritage. We feel it is important for young people to visit the land of their ancestors, have an opportunity to interact with those of their own age, and most importantly, engage in worthwhile programs that expand their knowledge and experience”, – Jūratė Kazickaitė, the President of the Kazickas Family Foundation. The program is initiated and powered by the Kazickas Family Foundation, supported by the Lithuanian Foundation in the US, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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